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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you work independently and/or manage a company? Do you need assistance in filing your tax return? In any case, we are the right tax consultants for you.


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We offer you:


  • a professional & personal tax advice
  • Advice also online and via web meeting
  • Know-how in the area of ​​international companies
  • Support for online retailers

Constructive tax advice


  • Selecting the type of company
  • Consultation and assistance in setting up a new business
  • Regulation of company succession
  • Inheritance and gift tax optimisation
  • Wealth creation
  • Conversions/Mergers
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Other individual tax consultation services


  • Undertaking the duties of drawing up your accounts
  • Digital exchange of documents
  • Account assignment and posting of your documents
  • Managing your debtors and creditors
  • Submitting the advance returns for tax on sales in the legally stipulated electronic form
  • Totals and balance lists
  • Business evaluation, incl. comparison with previous years
  • Open item lists

Are you losing track of issues in tax law?

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Tax declaration and enforcement of your rights

  • Preparing all the tax returns
  • Examining tax assessment notices
  • Dealing with authorities
  • Assisting in business audits (from the tax audit notice until the reporting and its results)
  • Objection procedures
  • Representation before fiscal courts
  • Representation before the Bundesfinanzhof (Federal Fiscal Court)
  • Taxation of associations
  • International tax law

Wages and salaries

  • Wage statements
  • Salary accounts
  • Setting up payment media for employees and institutions
  • Submitting wage tax returns in the legally stipulated electronic form
  • Annual return to professional associations
  • Annual returns to social security institutions
  • Processing all the questionnaires
  • Issuing certificates
  • Assisting in audits conducted by tax offices and social security institutions

Year-end procedures

  • List of financial statements (along with the balance sheet, profit and loss account, report) under commercial law
  • Reconciliation account for determining the taxable income
  • Statement on excess of receipts over expenses
  • Asset accounting
  • Special/Supplementary balance sheets for partnerships

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