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Accounting is at the core of a well-functioning company. On the one hand, the generally accepted accounting principles are fulfilled, and on the other, it is an important taxation tool for the company.

It is in fact very simple: debit and credit must always be recorded. This is the principle of double entry accounting. But the problem is in the detail. We use the accounting software called DATEV, since it can cover all the variations of standard transactions for our clients. In particular, the different requirements for the monthly advance return for tax on sales: whether for services within Germany or for operations in the EC, but also for exports to the so-called third territory.

You will receive a business assessment after the invoices, the account statements and the cash are entered. It will show you the revenues (or losses) you have generated on a monthly basis. It will allow you to quickly see how to make adjustments in your company so that it continues to be successful or becomes successful again. Depending on your level of knowledge and your wishes, you can also get the individual account sheets from the entire chart of accounts in order to track our accounting entries in detail.

In addition, you can use the open item list to get quick and clear information on outstanding receivables and payables. You can send your defaulting clients reminders on the basis of this.


But our service is interesting not just to commercial enterprises which have a legal obligation to keep records, but even small business owners or surplus revenue processors can profit from this.

We will be happy to explain how to set up a cash accounting system so that it is not rejected in case of an audit. This is immensely important to those who have cash earnings since the more recent legal developments (for example, the cash law of 29 December 2016).

But we can also acquire the invoices from your inventory management system, without having to first print them and then enter them. The same applies to all the transactions in your bank account - which can be entered directly into the accounting software DATEV by the bank. Using a learning file, this software recognises future recurring business transactions (such as rents or salaries).

The accounting software you use or wish to use may by no means be in Excel. Fiscal authorities will immediately reject any accounting in Excel in the future since the irreversibility of the entered data cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, cash, too, may no longer be managed in Excel.

Away from paper – towards digital accounting?

No problem, it is now possible and already a common practice to digitise your invoices and provide or directly post them. As the next step towards the future, we will provide procedural documentation as the basis for filing documents and replacement scanning. You may destroy your invoices and documents after they have been scanned and still meet all the requirements imposed by the authorities.

Please note:

Excel and accounting are not compatible with each other and cause significant (and therefore costly) problems with your tax office.

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